The Big Triangle

Among the countless beautiful regions in Greece there is one holding an outstanding position – The Peloponnese. Situated in South Greece , this large peninsula has been the setting for important historic cultural and athletic events.

Our starting point is Port of Patra and heading east , we first visit “The Peloponnese North Wall” , consisting of three mountains (Erimanthos, Helmos, Ziria) with an altitude of more than 2.250m. We’ll explore Mount Erimanthos  where Hercules accomplished his Fourth Labour , the capture of the Erimanthian Boar ( his first six labours were attained in Peloponnese !) The forest  cover consists of pine, cedar, birch and spruce trees among which impressive waterfalls like Gremistos Fall hide. Next on our itinerary is Mount Helmos covered  in pine trees and rich in butterfly species. In Feneos Valley between Mount Helmos and Mount Ziria we’ll admire the enchanting lake Doxa ( 900m alt.) surrounded by pine trees. Heading east wards, we’ll explore Mount Ziria , the mythological birthplace of God Hermes and Pleiades Nymphs. It is the second highest mountain of the Peloponnese and features a rich alpine scenery , comprising lakes, highlands and a green plateau with wild horses in 1300m alt. Driving downhill, we’ll visit Stymfalia Lake where Hercules exterminated the horrod Stymfalian Fowls. It is a area rich in history and natural wealth and an important migratory for birds. Then we’ll move south east to Mycenae. In the second millennium BC, it was one of the major centers of Greek civilization, a military stronghold which dominated much of southern Greece. Mycenae was the mythological kingdom of ill-starred  Agamemnon , the leader of Greeks in Trojan War. Driving further east , we can visit Ancient Epidavros , famous for its ancient theatre and Asclepius’ sanctuary . The former is marveled for its symmetry and excellent acoustics and the latter was the most celebrated healing centre of the Classical World.

Leaving these significant archeological sites behind us, we’ll hesad westwards to Menalo Mountain Range with majestic fir and pine tree forests. This is where the Lousios river springs from , crossing one of the most spectacular canyons in the Peloponnese, with lush vegetation and breathtaking cliffs. The whole area is a live historic, cultural and religious museum; it has existed since 2500 BC and has been associated with glorious moments of the Greek Revolution in 1821. Our next stop is in Ancient Olympia an important religious centre and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. For  over a thousand years in peace and war, the Greeks assembled here to celebrate this great festival. We then drive north to Pholoe Oak Forest. It was named after centaur Pholus , who was killed there with one of the Hercules poisoned arrows by mistake. Covering a territory of 9900 acres , it is a unique ecosystem consisting almost entirely of deciduous oaks. Finally , we pack up  and head for the port of Patra.



  • 26 Μarch - 8April (Easter Vacations)
  • 7-18 May
  • 1-14 June
  • 6-15 and 20-31 July
  • 4-16 August and 20-31 August
  • 7-19 September

STARTING POINT: Port of Patra (Peloponnese, western Greece, Ionian sea)


DURATION: 13 days ( 12 nights)

Kms: Appr. 1500

ROAD CONDITIONS: National Road-local roads(60%), gravel (trcacks) 40%

ALTITUDE VARIATION: Sea level to 1600 m high and back

ACCOMODATION: Campsites, wild camping, guest houses

FOOD: Self-catered plus some dinners in Greek traditional taverns

SCHEDULLE: Departures every day at 08:30 after breakfast, driving for 4-5 hours with stops for photos and lunch. Then driving for 2-3 hours more until 16:00 for the full stop of the day. Two days off. (Schedule could be changed according to the needs of the group or because of weather conditions)

COST PER VECHICLE: £785-per person(2 persons per vehicles) not included ferries. 10% disc. for September expeditions.For two children extra cost £120.

Our British partner will lead the groups from Dover-UK to Patra –Greece.

THE PRICE INCLUDES: All campsite/accommodation costs, full backup and guiding, two dinners in traditional Greek taverns.

More info and bookings: +44 (0)1732 841 266 Paul Thrale